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Is SEO Still a Big Part of Marketing Online?

SEO Today

A lot of online marketing gurus are kind of ignoring SEO today.

They say that it is too hard to rank for anything anymore, with all of these animals running around. You know? the ones created by Google.

The search algorithm updates: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and friends.

Of course it is harder to cheat, and get to the top with a lot of simple spammy links. Like blog comments or directories.

A lot of the easy wins are gone, that is for sure. Now is a time where you have to work harder and smarter to get your customers and gain a hold in the rankings of Google.

What Works in SEO Today?

That is the big question, right? And the reason many have given up.

No one knows, or understands what is working with SEO in today’s marketing world.

Well I can tell you what is the basis for it all, and that is what you are reading right now: content.

You might have heard the famous quite from Bill Gates, even though it was said long before we realised what it meant

Content is King

And my friend, that is now more truer than ever.

Content is the Basis

If you want to get found in search engines, content is the basis of it all.

It is not enough simply to have a website today. You have to put quite a bit of content on their to help your site get indexed by the search engines as well.

That means you probably have to have a blog. Lots of pages with content is ok as well, but it is more difficult to maintain.

A blog is your best bet moving forward.

What to Put on Your Blog

Your blog should contain content that is relevant to your customers or your future customers. And you should be adding content to it quite regularly.

I understand that sometimes it is not easy to know what to write about on your blog.

That means you need to know the kinds of things that your customers would be looking for on search engines and what kinds of things they want to know from you.

So have a good think about

  • the questions that your customers regularly ask
  • the things you wish your customers asked or knew ahead of time
  • the problems your customers regularly have

And if you answer a lot of these on your website, then you will be ahead of the game before they even pop into your shop (or website) to buy anything.

You will be their saviour in terms of information and education. And they will be better able to make buying decisions.

It is best if you marry this kind of content with the on page SEO that you should already be aware of.

That is how you get found on Google today. Great content combined with solid on page SEO on your website.

Final Words

Doing this stuff is not rocket science, but it takes a bit of work to be sure. So start writing content that helps your customers today, and you will be found on Google in no time.

SEO Tools For Site Evaluation

SEO Tools

One of the biggest questions we face as SEO pros, is which tools to use to evaluate a website and the links that are pointing to it.

There are a tonne of tools out there on the internet that you can use for all sorts of purposes, and in the SEO game it is absolutely the same.

So many tools, so little time. Therefore, evaluating all of these tools for up and coming SEOs can be very time consuming or costly.

Costly might surprise you, but these tools are almost never free. So although in some cases you might get a free monthly trial, they are usually very expensive from there on out.

The Main SEO Tools

I believe it is widely accepted that there are three main SEO tools online that almost every SEO uses. They might not use them all (because of time or cost) but they will probably use at least one of them, and will have probably tried them all at one point or another..

These tools are great for evaluating the SEO basics of a website such as:

  • inbound links
  • outbound links
  • anchor text of links
  • ranking of the website
  • ranking of linking sites
  • other various metrics

Using all of these tools can help you get a very good picture of a website in a very short of time, especially if visualised in the right way.


One of the easiest of these tools to use is Majestic SEO.

This tools is relatively cheap, and yet very powerful with many of the features that are mentioned above.

They also present the data in a nice summary page that shows you about 75% of what you need to quickly check out a website.

The other pages are more table driven, but provide a lot of data on links, pages and anchor text.

Majesic also have their own ranking system which is widely trusted on the internet – Trust and Citation Flow.

Moz Tools

Moz is one of the most powerful and well known SEO websites on the internet.

They also have a huge suite of tools for checking out websites just like Majesetic.

But unlike Majsetic, their tools are very extensive and also very expensive. So unless you need all of the extra tools they provide, I would stick with Majestic.

They also have their own metric system which parallels Majestics. They call it Domain and Page Authority.


The last tool that I want to mention is also quite good for checking websites, and that is open site explorer.
It is my least favourite, but has many of the same features as Majestic.

I will leave it up to you to see if it is useful to you.

Final words

Finding the right tool that suits your working needs for checking websites might take a little bit of experimentation.

I recommend that you give all three of the tools above a try, and see what words best for you.

If you need any help or advice, feel free to send me an email

SEO For Small Business

seo for small business

Many small business owners are a little intimidated with the whole website ownership and SEO that goes with it.

I can completely understand this, when I look back at what I have learnt and how much time it has taken me to get where I am today.

There is so much information, and so much disinformation, as well as conflicting information on SEO that it can be extremely confusing and annoying.

So I want to quickly show you what kinds of things you should look at to achieve simple SEO success.

Simple SEO

As a website owner there are quite a few things you can do to control the SEO on your website. In the SEO scene this is called on page SEO.

So what is on page SEO?

Basically it is adding words in the right places on your pages and posts to influence search engines to rank you for those words.

And where are these things that you can use to influence your rankings?

For many website systems like WordPress for example, you can enter these words into fields that should be available on every page.

Here is a quick list of the most important ones that I can think of:

  • Page Title
  • Page Description
  • Keywords within the text
  • Keywords in Headings
  • Keywords within image alt tags

These are in some cases quite technical, but if you have the right tools then it should be easy to add these SEO elements.


Another thing that you need to be aware of is that you are trying to rank for what are called keywords.

These are the words or phrases that people will use to find you. The words that they will type into the search engines and find you in the results.

SO you need to be aware of who your customers are and what kinds of things they will be looking for in order to find you on the internet.

You can then use these words, or variants of them, within your content and in the key SEO places i mentioned above.

The result is that the search engines, or at least Google, will look at these words in those places and make rankings on their searches as a result.

That is the main two things you have to understand.

Final Words

It might seem intimidating to have to learn all of this crazy SEO stuff, and in such a short time to make your business successful. But if you keep grinding away at it, you will know it all in no time.

If you have any questions regarding anything above, feel free to let me know and I will help you as much as possible to solve your problems with SEO.

In the meantime all the best with your online endeavours

Have People Forgotten About SEO

One of the problems we see a lot of today is that people are always saying

SEO is Dead

It does not help us here at SEO Site Optimization. We do SEO, as you know.

And Google has not killed SEO, they have just made it a lot harder to cheat the system, and that is what we all want in the end.

But it has also made it a lot harder for us as SEO pros to rank a website in 5 minutes.

Ranking and SEO Take Time

This is something that has always been very true, but is even more true today than ever before.

Ranking a website highly on search engines, and Google specifically, takes a lot of time.

You need to earn their trust, and also earn your links. That takes a lot of time and great content.

Creating Great Content

One of the keys to modern SEO is great content, a quite a bit of it as well.

You can-t just slap up a 5 page website anymore and get rankings in Google. Well actually for low hanging fruit you can.

But it is rare and not something you should count on as a business owner.

\To earn your customers and your rankings you need to create useful information that you customers want to read.

And stuff that ultimately leads them to your products and services as well.
After all, that is the goal. It is nice to help people, but you are trying to make a living in the end.

So be nice and helpful first, but keep the endgame in mind at all times.

Links And Rankings Come in the End

Because once you start earning people’s trust and a lot of visitors to your site, you will get links in the end.

And it is the links that will help you to rank higher on Google.

So just keep consistently creating content and remember that SEO is not dead, it has just changed.

And we all need to change with it.